Trading strategies | Mar 22, 2018

Trading & AI: the world will never be the same

They say that trading is not for everyone. Of course you need to have a good understanding of finance, but this is not all that it takes. Sometimes, you find yourself facing a trade-off between the need to save your time and the willing to save your money. Most of the time, you end up wasting both, and you start questioning if all this effort is really worth the cause.

The preliminary step of trading, just like for anything in life, is a good research. However, while most of our daily-life questions can be answered in real time with the help of any search engine, this trick does not work in trading. First, you need to collect all the information you think are necessary, then you have to gather them all together in a way that they can offer you the best solution. After that, you need to digest them all before you take the big step of deciding where to invest your money.

Most of the time, the wisest alternative to overcome this superfluous waste of time seems to be represented by financial advisors, that are very easy to find on the Internet. Unfortunately, nowadays anyone can pretend to be an expert in the field just as easily. Scammers are around any corner (and behind any search engine page), and in such a delicate process, why would you trust anyone who claims to be an expert in the field if you don’t trust yourself first?

They say trading is not for everyone, and you are starting to believe it, right? Fortunately, there is a factor that “they” are not taking into account, that is called Artificial Intelligence.

You may have already heard how Artificial Intelligence, and especially Machine Learning, have been disrupting the healthcare, the transportation and the education industries.

You might know as well that, in the last five years, Machine Learning has also been disrupting the global financial industry.

A few months back, Man Group’s Chief Investment Officer Sandy Rattray has announced that one of the world’s largest investment management firms is now investing on Machine Learning for trading more than on anything else.

Thanks to the newest Machine Learning techniques, and especially to Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning, computers can now identify predictable patterns without the need of being taught what and how to trade anymore.

AITrading is a leading project on the market and is able to help you take wise and successful trading decisions with a simple click.

Author: AITrading Team

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